New vintage findings

We found great things for home and style, again. Also we organized small photo session for these findings.  If You like pastels, animal prints, bright colors and things with ethnic touch, you will like our findings. Enjoy!

This dress will be perfect for hot nights on dance floor. Leopard print dress from 90’s. Stretchy fabric and great cutting.

                             Simply and gorgeous cream color blouse. Will look great with skirts or jeans. Elegant cutting and flow material. Flawless piece of clothing.

Pastel peach vintage blouse with flower embroidery is so unique and outstanding. This blouse is made pastel peach chiffon fabric.This great vintage blouse is from 90’s, full of classy style and romance. Casual and swanky, it will look great like everyday blouse with pants or skirts.

Simply and gorgeous light blue sweater from 80s. This custom sewn sweater will look great with skirts or jeans. Casual and delicate piece of clothing. Made from light blue wool fabric.

Gorgeous red and dark blue striped vintage jacket. Made from jersey fabric. Comfortable and casual. The jacket have 6 metallic buttons. Will look great with jeans or skirts.

Old pink vintage blouse with long sleeves and a bow on the left side. Silky fabric and flowing cutting will make You feel irresistible in it. A blouse have a shoulder pads.

Real blast of 80’s style. Bright green dress/jacket with large buttons. A outfit from 80’s business woman closet. Great cutting and high quality cotton fabric.

Beige and black vintage jacket will be perfect for warm fall days.Casual and swanky, it will look great like everyday coat or jacket.

Definitely most fantastic shoes you ever seen. Made from fabric outside and inside. Elegant form and unique coloring. Real elegance blast from 70’s. Will fit on thin foot. Shoe soles are in perfect quality.

Extra large cotton shawl. Gorgeous and unique. Exotic piece of art.
With beige paisley motifs and small stars, this shawl looks antique and magic. Made in Iran, in small crafts shop. Traveled around the world, it keep looking for a better place and hands. This shawl is more, than printed fabric piece. It will be a good accessory for good person.


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