Actually we are crew, which was born from two couples. Alise is married with Gvido, but Kristīne and Mārtiņš is simply a couple. We been knowing each other for years, but we never thought about starting business together, we talked a lot about our passions, hobbies, jobs but we never tryed to combine them together.
And so – one day we accidentally ran to each other in the same vintage store. When we talked about vintage we started to combine our ideas and together they was brilliant. We started to dream about common business and Kristine just sad – let’s give it a try!
And then the bomb with ideas exploded..and “Able Crew” was born.
We just started ,but we know – “Able Crew” is full of future.
We think – vintage stuff isn’t just full of charm and quality, but it’s also a history. We try give to old vintage new look, life and historical future.
So let’s make history together!

About each:

 I am educated fashion designer who like bright colors and feminine forms. Most of all i am enjoying vintage stuff, batik sewing and drawing. Most inspiring thing to do – go vintage hunting.
  I’m fashion designer. From my viewpoint vintage stuff,is way too far from junk. Because this pieces comes with great qualitys, style and history. I could not help, but wonder if I’m the only one with love to vintage quality and charisma?
  I’m educated furniture designer. My biggest passions – old and new furniture, wood facture , woodcarvings and walks in forests. I’m the one and only interior souls in Able Crew.
  I’m totally multifunctional man. I’m DJ, photographer and husband. My specialty is electronics and optics. Since childhood I spent all days to dismantle all devices and then again restore them together – just to know how it works.


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